Mortise Lock

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We are a leading mortise lock supplier of industrial hardware with ISO certification and a reputation for high-quality locks. Being a top OEM supplier is all about providing items of the highest quality, excellent customer service, and reasonable prices. We take pride in providing premium mortise locks for residential, commercial, and industrial applications that offer superior security and functionality.

We, as a leading mortise lock supplier, have made a name for ourselves as the go-to source for mortise locks. Thus, thanks to our wide selection of goods, first-rate customer service, and uncompromising dedication to quality. At our business, we are aware of how crucial security is for our clients. Because of this, we only use top-quality components and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques.


Superior Quality And Security

Our locks are made to resist tampering and offer the highest level of security against unauthorized entry. You can feel confident knowing that your property is secure once we install our mortise locks. We, as a leading mortise lock supplier, serve a wide spectrum of clients, including individuals, companies, and institutions. Therefore, to meet your unique needs, our comprehensive product catalog offers a range of designs, finishes, and functionalities.

However, we have solutions that work with any decor, from traditional to modern styles. We, as a leading mortise lock supplier, put the needs of our clients first. You may get help from our team of skilled specialists at any time, from choosing the best mortise lock to offering installation advice. Therefore, we make sure that using our goods is simple and hassle-free for you. We stand out from competitors due to our dedication to providing excellent customer service.


What is a mortise lock?

A mortise lock is a type of lock that is mounted inside a pocket, also known as a “mortise,” that has been carved out of the edge of a door.

Why is a mortise lock better for me?

Comparatively speaking, mortise locks have several benefits. Because of how they manufacture and how they install inside the door, they offer greater security.

May all types of doors use mortise locks?

The majority of doors are compatible with mortise locks, but it’s crucial to make sure the door is properly prepped for the lock.