Lock Body

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Leading Lock Body Supplier in China


We as a leading lock body supplier, adapted to the national policy of fully developing public construction projects. However, we entered the Chinese hardware and building materials market in 2012. We have taken part in numerous significant projects, including those involving subways, airports, Grade A office buildings, four- and five-star hotels, and upscale residential structures. Additionally, the industry has a thorough understanding of the products and functions and prompt response to project diversification.

The present patent for our business under the American Standard lock body contains 12 projects under its concurrent R & D and innovation capabilities. Our area of expertise is the design, production, and distribution of lock bodies for various lock types. We, as a leading lock body supplier, have grown to be a top choice for many consumers. Therefore, for those looking for dependable and long-lasting lock solutions, we have years of experience and expertise in the industry.


Product Range and Quality

We, as a leading lock body supplier, offer lock bodies for a wide range of locks, including mortise locks, cylindrical locks, euro profile locks, and more. However, each lock body is meticulously and precisely constructed to provide maximum performance and longevity. Therefore, we work hard to consistently innovate and present fresh lock body designs. Thus, take advantage of the most recent developments in lock technology.

We, as a leading lock body supplier, also provide a large assortment of accessories. This includes striking plates, cylinders, and lock case covers, to go along with our lock bodies. These add-ons are created to act in unison with our lock bodies. Thus, offering comprehensive lock solutions that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. By offering a one-stop solution, we aim to simplify the lock procurement process for our customers.



Are all types of locks compatible with your lock bodies?

Yes, we provide lock bodies that work with a variety of locks, including euro profile, cylindrical, and mortise locks.

What components make up the bodies of your locks?

High-quality components including stainless steel, brass, and resilient alloys are used to create our lock bodies. 

Can I request lock bodies with certain requirements?

 To guarantee that you receive the ideal lock bodies suited to your requirements, we offer customization choices for lock body sizes, finishes, and configurations.