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Advance Key Lock Supplier China

We specialize as a key lock supplier China in research, development, manufacturing, and marketing. Various industrial locks and communication server components are the major items in the market for precision metal structural parts. However, these goods are widely utilized in intelligent self-service terminals, communication servers, personal computers, cars, and other industries.

We, as a key lock supplier China, are becoming flawless in our work, precision, and profession. We have a complete lock production line set up, as well as CNC, precision die casting, precision punching, plastic molding, assembly inspection, and other tools. Thus, the current monthly output is 1.5 million pieces, all with adequate lead times.


Trusted Service And Quality

We take pride in providing a large selection of high-quality locks that are made to offer security, durability, and peace of mind. We, as a key lock supplier China, have developed a reputation as a dependable and trusted partner for clients all over the world. Therefore, we have the ideal lock solutions to fit your unique needs. Whether you’re a distributor, a business owner, or a household. Discover our vast collection on our website to open up a world of security opportunities.

However, our business recognizes the need of offering dependable and adaptable key lock choices to meet various needs. We, a key lock supplier China, supply a wide variety of locks across our wide product selection. Our locks are a great option for front doors, commercial buildings, and high-security applications because of their outstanding strength and resistance to forced entry.



Can I purchase locks from your firm in bulk?

Due to our production capabilities, we can fulfill huge orders without sacrificing quality or punctuality.

Are your locks up to par with global standards?

Definitely. To ensure that all of our locks meet or surpass international requirements for security and durability, we follow stringent quality control methods.

Can I ask for locks that are unique and have certain features?

We can work with you to build locks that precisely meet your demands and specifications. From keying options to finishes and materials.