Door Fittings

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Advanced Door Fittings Supplier China

We started as a door fittings supplier China Hardware in 2008, with a headquarters in Guangzhou, the center of global trade. Our factory is in Foshan Danzao, the birthplace of the industry. We produce glass hardware and furniture hardware as our specialty. After more than ten years of tireless work, the company now employs more than 80 people. We have a production space of more than 8000 square meters and have more dealers than any other nation.

As a top-notch door fittings supplier China, we are meeting the various demands of clients all over the world. However, we are the perfect partner for all of your door solution needs because of our dedication to excellence and our wide selection of goods. Our goods are made with the best components and technology, guaranteeing their dependability and durability. Therefore, we provide a large selection of accessories to fit your specific needs.


Meeting the Standards

Every customer has different requirements and preferences when it comes to door fittings, and we are aware of this. Therefore, we as door fittings supplier China, provide exceptional services to mold our goods to your precise requirements. Our skilled team will work directly with you to create the ideal door fittings that meet your specifications and improve the overall appearance and performance of your doors,

Whether you need specific dimensions, coatings, or designs, look nowhere else! We are a top door fittings supplier China, serving the diverse needs of customers worldwide. Due to our commitment to excellence and our extensive product selection, we are the ideal partner for all of your door solution needs. Therefore, trust us as your supplier and we will serve you the best!


What kinds of door fittings are available?

Numerous door fittings, such as hinges, handles, locks, bolts, door closers, viewers, and numerous accessories, are available from us. We offer door fittings for both residential and commercial applications.

Do you offer specialized door fittings?

To fully comprehend your demands and develop solutions that are tailored to them, our team will work directly with you.

What components make up your door fittings?

High-quality components including stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and zinc alloy are used to create our door fittings. These materials guarantee strength, resilience, and corrosion resistance.